Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Memories, fantasies, and the blahs

When VSK and I started openly playing around, I found each interlude almost endlessly diverting in the aftermath. The thought (occasionally the sight but often these liaisons were unchaperoned by me) of her with another man was enough to bring and instant rise and subsequent fall. One especially treasured moment I was fortune enough to tape as playmate pounded her as I waited in the next room. I ruined that tape listening to it too many times as its audio verity had such a lovely authenticity mixed with the withheld visual which so often seems to demand more and provide less than the imagination can conjure. She sounds as good as she looks guys.

As we now head into the weeks leading up to a vacation in Kona, we are both buried in work and distracted. We often screw in the morning, it being the only time we both have the energy. Making love would require such a block of time unobstructed by the demands of parenting, housework, planning for the rococo transportation needs of teenagers and their friends, and etc that we acquiesce to screwing. The Kona vacation was a completely spontaneous and extravagant brainfart I had no idea I was going to go for. We have gone to the same complex in Kailua-Kona something like 10 times. The first eight were paid for by my folks. And this time although the kids will be absent my dad and his little sister are going which will mean we we'll be timing our intimacies to the rhythms of others yet again. Self-inflicted wound: I invited my newly widowed father with the same farting brain that pulled out the credit card for the airline tickets in the first place. Ha. Ha ha ha.

Kona breeds fantasies and frankly I can't seem to live well without them. VSK will wax horny again based upon unknown fluctuations in the local pheromonic index (hey, I invented a new word!) and it will be great. For some reason I seem to cum harder nearer the equator or maybe its just the humidity, and the two of us can get back to a level of intimacy closer to my unrealistic ideals. Perhaps she'll find a couple or a fella to flirt with in the pool, maybe the gods of wild sex will decide that its time for us to get a free pass into gooey nirvana. Or perhaps not. Worse case scenario is a pretty good scenario. And the memories still linger. Along with a couple of pics.

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bdenied said...

I have been to Kona numerous times and wonder how many there are into some form of hotwifing. Last time I was there I saw a woman with an anklet on her right ankle and I thought just maybe she might be a hot wife. I almost said something but thought better of it and kept my mouth shut