Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Position

Whenever VSK and I are a little lacking in either imagination or energy, we assume the position or some version of it. VSK grabs the vibrator and I grab my cock, and more often than not it goes in her mouth. Basically she sucks away until she reaches that point where she can't hardly move any part of her body and concentrates mostly on not biting me while she comes. This is foreplay nine times out of ten. If we have some other frisson going then she might get a mouthful or I might fuck her mouth before mounting her or something different may occur. This has become our old standby and nothing in this world turns me on more than knowing she is nearing orgasm, and vice versa. I read an article in the New York Times magazine about couples therapy that suggested the key to a good marriage is to be a cheerleader for your spouse. So here's a pic of me cheering VSK. Its not the best lighted shot but imagination is a fine aphrodisiac.

Oh, one other thing. VSK got a off-line question about whether or not it was her in the pic with the two fellows a couple of posts back. No, but if you want it could be arranged I wager!


Blissfully Wed said...

I don't mind the bad lighting at all. It's nice to work a little to see her beauty.


Kitty's Tiger said...

I have a weekness for a lady and her toy. You just got me erect. now excuse me while I go take care of it.... yummy by the way