Thursday, August 9, 2007

Back At It

When you spend a bit of time on the Sandwich Islands, you get to be rather languid and serene and the things that antimated you to go separate from the things you feel like doing. The sex ideas I had before the trip mutated into something less compelling and kinky, not that we didn't have quite a goodly amount of coitus during our visit. The way it works for me in Hawaii is that I generally go insane about day 2 or 3 of the vacation and then I settle down and let things fall where they may. They fell quite well but obviously those ideas of posting new and interesting visions of VSK for all to see went straight to hell. I've got a couple of new pics and I also have a damn computer that will not let me put the images from my camera to my harddrive. Joy.

I have been writing some porn that merits the light of day but I want VSK to add her touches and then maybe we can enact some parts of the story to illustrate and otherwise decorate my puerile fantasies. And one of my fantasies is to get some new and better technology so I can more easily update and share our freakish world. Anyway, new pics soon, I promise.

Lastly, I cleared out most of the porn I had collected under the aspices that it 1) looked like something I wished I was a part of or 2) looked like VSK. File this pic under "it could have been you honey, want to tell me what happened?"

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Cherrie said...

So you're teasing us rather than pleasing us? Why not put a triangle like the pic you showed into your fantasy story?