Friday, November 2, 2007

Does she solve something for you?

After going blah for a while I may have chased off some of the visitors of this blog. That's a shame because no doubt some of the folks who visited did so for puerile self-interest. And I'm thinking that's the audience I'm looking for in this post.

VSK and I had an interesting talk last night. If you look around at the fellows like myself who show off their wives on the net, there is usually a period they go through whereby they ask their readers to "show" how much they like what they see. I asked VSK if she would like to get some communication from her admirers. She said yes, but she doesn't just want to see cocks at attention whacking off to a screen shot of her ass. (I mean, that wouldn't be the worst thing a guy could do . . .) Anyway, what she likes is to read things. Fantasies, scenarios, sensual and please not crass things. Any takers? The email address is in the profile. I plan on rewarding the submissions with pics that won't be posted here. Sounds fair, right?

(If I implied in the above that VSK is only interested in male comment, rest assured that any commentary from the finer sex is very very welcome.)


Peggy said...

I think you're both fantastic for sharing the way you do.

Hugs and sexes to you both!

Hank said...

special pics!
what do you want me to say?

Tom Paine said...

I would like to see tags put on your photo posts so I can go back and enjoy all the ones I've missed. She's one fine-looking woman, VSK.