Wednesday, November 14, 2007

She finally writes again!

Hi Everyone, VSK here. I have been so remiss in writing anything here for too long. Why? Because my new job is KICKING MY ASS! Oh and the fires didn't really set the mood either. So, now I will share just a small story from a few weeks ago when I kind of woke up and said "Where....where am I? Oh it's a little cold, I'll just sleep a bit more." When I awoke later and slowly focused my eyes, I realized I was outside, wrapped in a blanket, missing my clothes, at least I was in my own backyard under the gazebo. What happened that night. Well, let's see. Wine tasting that turned to wine drinking. Then over to one of the fellow taster's place for some dancing (see earlier blog w/dancing pic) and, oh surprise, more wine. Then over to the home of some other folks from wine tasting , where apparently keeping my dress on was not so easy, and the men had silly smiles! Hmm, maybe I should quit the day job and . . . naw, it's more fun when its not for work. Then to our house and the Jacuzzi and . . . well, there was the usual grab ass and some kissing and fondling, and then ... I woke up. Too much wine I say. Witness fell asleep with a new friend inside the house, she is sweet, but, unfortunately, "just a friend." The next morning we gathered a varied of items--shorts, shoes, a cell phone, a wig, a mexican wrestler mask, and clown hair. What a wild time we must have had. Everyone safe and hungover. It is good to get mindless every now and again.

Now I am excited about an upcoming little trip. Going to see a couple of favorite bands with VSK Witness and Playmate, thinking about getting a room for the night (there is a bit of a drive). I'm sure I could do something to distract our friend from the woes of his burned out neighborhood. It would be good to be just us three without the distractions of children, pets, phones, you get the picture!

Speaking of pictures. I best get posing. Take care all of you.

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bdenied said...

Hey keep posting hope you made it through the second round of fires ok...we are worrying about you guys......let us know you are ok.