Thursday, February 7, 2008

HNT Catch-up

I've noticed a trend amongst the adult bloggers I read. It seems like January or maybe its just winter and the holidays correlates with fewer posts. I know that VSK and I have cooled a bit. Its not that we aren't enjoying each other but that fiery flirtatous playfulness that drives the theme behind this blog seems to have gone on a bit of a vacation. I came home last night and she was charged up, bit me a couple of times playfully and we wrestled on the floor. But by the time we got to bed, the jets had cooled and while we managed up enough steam to knock one out, it was more a tribute to our respect for our sex life and each other than something with its own energy. I'm not complaining. Love often trumps lust. Lusty days lay ahead, not doubt. The weather is warming and with it our libidos.

I'll put multiple pics out today. Trying to catch-up. Or maybe trying to catch-on, as in on-fire. Here's hoping you do too!


Skip said...

Just found the blog, and I love it. I'm also hoping sometime to meet up with you two, if only for coffee. I'm in Studio City.

My Fiancee is HOT © said...

Oh wow those pictures are amazing. So sexy

Have a great HNT and weekend


Richard said...

A sexy, beautiful catch-up.

Tomscockwhore said...

Very sexy photos! I love them!


Pizza Boy said...

Is my present still waiting for me to unwrap? I would love to!!!! Nice pictures, I'd rather see it in person.