Wednesday, February 20, 2008


"I am the hungry wolf, and I run endlessly with my mate. . ."

A favorite band is coming back to the southland, John Doe and Exene are back together apparently in some formation along with Billy Zoom and DJ Bonebrake and it will be lucky me and VSK if we get a chance to see them again, once or twice. Early in our relationship I'd volunteer that our repeated listening to this great, seminal LA punk band probably carried us over the hump as they say. When things are tough, and when we were young they were tough as we fobbed about trying to figure out the myriad emotions of twenty-something love, X pulled me through by reminding me it was us against the world, in some infinitely rewarding way. And so what was once the ideology of rock and love became a functional marriage complete with all the accutriments of success and conformity. Good and bad that, and not too unusual. What you have here is a piece of our unusual left over from the days when it took place in a slam pit.

John and Exene sure seemed to fight for something rare, and when apart they hurled the failures they brought out in each other back and forth as a way of mediating the dispute that drove their art. They've gotten older, it will be interesting to see what they offer each other. I can't imagine they are cashing in that much with a reunion tour.

As for VSK and I, our reunion last night was an X indeed. Given that the missionary position has downsides for my wrists and her ribs, we made like rockstars and did the X. She on her back and I on my rightside, we add a vibrator into that position and you got yourself a cyborg three-way. VSK was clamping down hard and I was pushing with all my might not to be ejected from the tunnel of love. By clenching my ass muscles I could make my cock bounce off something engorged and round inside her, and this coupled with Mr. Wahl the vibrator pretty much destroyed her. After her derangement, I jackhammered to a nice unloading of my worldly cares and we were both so wrecked afterwards we fell asleep crisscrossed to nirvana. Ah, the joys of union. And reunion I hope as well.


bdenied said...

another very sensous photo of that lovely lady.....him I bet she tastes as good as she looks too

My Fiancee is HOT © said...

What gorgeous breasts she has. She definitely looks tasty. Glad your wrist and her ribs didn't get in the way. Hope you enjoy always


Penedictor said...

Que pezones más bonitos.