Thursday, February 28, 2008

You can't see me

I've been having a series of bizarre yet vivid dreams. Last night was a winner as it was a sex dream with a woman I haven't thought about for years. She was a real sweety, ended up becoming a doctor. As I thought about it, it occurs to me that she was a lot like VSK, a woman everybody wanted because she was pretty sure of herself. This person, Z, had pretty much the same voice as Tatum O'Neil. That might not seem so sexy given O'Neil's playing for the other team but the fact that I can still hear it after 30 years says something. Well, here's to old memories! Real like this is still better . . . Sorry about the low quality, but you get the picture.


Hank said...

now theses are great pics! thanks!

bdenied said...

nice photo, I had your link at my site and it went away. dont know what happened but I tried putting it back up. I must have hit the wrong key...sorry about that..good to see your posts again