Thursday, May 15, 2008

1 in 3 HNT

Sorry the pic's so dark, I've not had a chance to get any new images of VSK lately. There's hope on the horizon as she is off tomorrow and I figure I'll take a PTO day as well. Pictures: The Opportunity. We'll see.

Glancing at the Huffington Post and saw this article. It says something like one in three American moms are getting something on the side. So for those of you wondering if hot-wifeing is odd, the answer would seem to be, its only odd that so few are honest about what their wives want on occasion.

Here's hoping to more posting! And more shenanigans!


Hank said...

more shenanigans is always a good thing

Greg & Sheryl said...

Thanks for sharing both your photo and the interesting article. Happy HNT 3rd anniversary!