Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Small changes

I'm not one to try to make a lotta rules for my fellow man/woman, but I don't want spammers sending comments in to CMVSK. I think the way I have not joined into various ping generating groups has kept a lot of folks in the dark about this blog, but that's OK, I'm writing it because I sure as heck don't want to turn this into another job. I've got at least two paying gigs already, and a few non-paying ones blocking up my time. Any advice from the readers of this blog about avoiding spam or just generally improving things will be considered. I figure most folks just want to see some nekkid pics. Fine by me, fine by VSK. As time allows, the clothing disappears. I've enabled comment moderation for the moment, and made it so one has to type those funny letters to make a comment. Cool? Not cool? Let us know.

Thanks folks!


Hank said...

i'm having similar problems lately with the spammers.
we do what we have to do. I don't mind waiting approval.
/goes back and looks at last photo of vsk

bdenied said...

I had to put a code on my site and then when the spammer got past that had to put a personal approval to the site....keep posting we like the blog