Sunday, May 18, 2008


VSK mentioned that she might like a little piece of jewelry, I guess sorta to get into character. Typical me went a bit overboard. Now we have folks asking, what does VSK stand for? Very Sexy Kitty? Voluptuous Super Kitten? Vixen Seeks Kona? Voldemort Sucks Kielbasa? Help! We kinda feel like maybe we don't care if some folks know what its for, but I don't want this piece to find its way out only on special secret occasions. Fire away, my brain is dry. VSK has drained me this weekend, in more ways than one. And that's a good thing, mostly.


Hank said...

I like it
Sex Kitten is so HOT!

Pizza Boy said...

I know what VSK stand for!!! I was lucky enough to give my "friend" the name. Your still hot!! I think it's time to make a "play date"

bdenied said...

great piece of the dilemma it causes....tell it means Vermost Ski Kids

Michael and Caroline said...

Very hot!