Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Yes, Master

I have been ordered to write a post and to include 4 pictures. As you know, I like to please. And that, along with the threat of no physical contact if I don't do as I am told, encourages me to be obedient.

We had one of those fantastic weekends; a house all to ourselves and plenty of time to do as we please. Of course we had to keep up on our "batting average" (since July 4 we have only missed 5 days). We spent most of the time engaged in this kind of activity:

We also continued to explore the fantastical world of BDSM. There is a tremendous amount of trust that goes along with this kind of play. I find it a huge turn on. Witness tested my obedience, and I tested my compliance. A very good friend was over for a visit, I went to retrieve something from the bedroom and Witness snuck in behind me. He stripped me, put on the blindfold and restraints and led me to the living room (gulp) and tied me up in full view. He announced that I was the toy for the afternoon while they watched sports, drank beer and played with me whenever they wanted. I felt very exposed laying there, knowing they were looking at me, wondering what would happen. I had to let go of traditional concepts of privacy and self-protection and chastity. I could feel my pussy pulsate and dampen. Witness said from across the room that he could see me getting wet. The anticipation and waiting for the first touch was nearly tortuous.

Our friend had to depart after just a little while, so Witness rolled me over

And rewarded me with a spanking. Here is a glimpse of my punished self (this is the tamer picture):

I think my favorite parts of a spanking are the heighten awareness just before the first swat, the going out-of-my mind during the smacks, and the release of the endorphins as the skin tingles and burns afterward. Kinky and fun!

Now that I have done as commanded I wonder what will be my reward?! (Oooo, I posted 5 pics--bonus!)


Pizza Boy said...

Wow, nice pictures. You guys have all the fun :)

sonya said...

Being on top is my 2nd favorite position.

Richard said...

I would guess that you will get another spanking. Great photos.

bdenied said...

Love the photos and the games you describe. sounds like avery hot enoucnter

An Artist Exposed said...

Great photos and good to read about your thoughts as the afternoon progressed. The last - bonus - pic was the best for me - it makes me wonder what the less tame one was like.

Emma Kelly said...


Let's hope for more hot times!


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

vsk witness said...

Hey there artist exposed. That picture is pretty raw by my standards. And it totally turns me one. My ass is red and there is a bruise (Witness feels badly about it, but I like the reminder). Should I post it? We are in another weekend of no responsibility and plenty of potential. There will no doubt be some pictorials to share later, now I must crawl on my hands and knees to purr at the feet of my master!

mikecam2k said...

wow, so hot :D