Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Piano Love

This last weekend, VSK had one of her fantasies slightly, if not well, realized. She has been encouraging me to tie her up, and she likes a fair bit of a spanking, as the last post alluded too. She has always had that "I want to please" personality and its taken stupid ol' me a long time to see that as what it might become sexually. Others see it in seconds and you can image the flies and larger insects it does attract. Sometimes she attracts a dragonfly. Sometimes ladybugs. Lately its been drawing me like a moth to a flame.

It is stunning how much burn damage a man can take. Or two men. VSK likes the idea of being blindfolded and tied up, and knowing my eyes aren't the only ones in the room. She gets so aroused it dumbfounds me. Days later it becomes an easy rush to rally to, and every day now for weeks there has been sex. Some days she want to practice her oral skills, sometimes she wants me to seek some rare area to ravish. You get the picture. And I'll get the picture on the dang post here as soon as I get them properly downloaded. Stay tuned . . .

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