Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More sex . . . blogging

Part of the bad blogger phenomenon is the loss of the narrative thread. People like to read stories. In sex blogging, they either like to get pulled into the lust maelstrom of a couple or individual who is headed in a direction they favor, or they want to see dirty bits. As a content provider, which is what you become once the fantasy becomes the reality and you feel you owe something to the people who have left you comments, after a while it becomes like a job to keep up, rather than a channel to explore. VSK has to look at computer screens all day and so do I, so when we are home we are not so interested in updating this site. So we are bad bloggers.
The fantasy becoming reality is also a virtual buzz kill. Why write about what we are doing? Doing is a lot more fun. And the last year has seen us move more in the direction of polyamory rather than dogging. I do enjoy seeing VSK in action with another man, but it doesn't seem to ever be that easy or as relaxed as the time we spend with the Minx. And, uh, maybe this is a no brainer but my itch is pretty well scratched by having the attentions of the two of them placed on me.
I'm not complaining about anything, just blogging. Finding anything to write about is the first step into writing more, and I've got contractual duties to write more. Call this priming the pump. My pump is going to get primed a whole lot real soon. I can hardly wait to get back to my favorite place in the world, which would be in bed with the two of them. And if it seems right, I'll write about it. And take some damn pictures . . .

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Riff Dog said...

I completely identify with you on that whole first paragraph. Seriously, I felt like you were reading my mind.

Indeed, living it is more fun than writing it. But . . . sometimes the writing is fun, too. ;-)