Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I can't help but notice that there is something odd about this year. Perhaps its not just the year but some sort of year of reckoning that started for us some time in late 2009 but continues. We've lost a lot of folks during this time. And that is part of life, maybe a part that pushes us to explore what we desire with complete honesty. Full-on fearless. It is the only way to go forward.

VSK and I keep having interesting things happen to us on the play front. In a restaurant out of town we were having some drinks with Minx and noticed a couple watching us. We had borrowed a chair from them so we could sit together and the banter started. And pretty soon they had bought us some shots and VSK had leaned into the fellow. The woman, a lovely Puerto Rican lass nursing a 3 day old kitten in her lap(!) was very interested in our little menage. I mentioned to the man that we both had two pussies and the play was on. Minx is not crazy like us, and didn't really want to get involved with this couple. But the opportunity was there. I won't soon be forgetting her warm handshake as we left, her lingering touch warm and soft. VSK was all turned up and on and the two proceeded to ravish me once we got back to the hotel. The devoured me. Nothing beats teamwork.

VSK continued to ramp up the heat all weekend. We've been seducing another couple to the dark side and she got the mouthful she desired, although it took her a couple of days. I then proceeded to give her a second helping, which must have set some sort of record. And records, as they say, are meant to be broken. All it takes is team work. I can hardly wait for the next event!


Get8More said...

You are a VERY lucky MAN! I am in love with both VSK and the MINX (as I am sure you are too!)

Pizza Boy said...

Is that Me?....................if it isn't it should be. Oh mamma!!

Matt said...

Love hearing about your adventures once again... and by the way, the "double helping" for VSK? VERY hot!

Anonymous said...

Everything about that picture says she's tasting warm streams of cum as we speak. He's just gotta be cumming in her mouth. It's just too perfect not to happening...Oh, to have my cock sucked by her...damn!

Sexie Sadie~ said...

I love all your pics :)

Would you mind updating the link in your blogroll for Confessions From My Open Marriage? I have changed domains, the new one is

Thanks so much you guys!