Thursday, August 5, 2010

So how long you been swinging for?

Apropos of nothing, a very hot and drunk blond turns to us at our favorite spot and says, "so how long have you been swinging for?" And given that we have not done anything to suggest it, other than I had tolerated her running her hands through my hair, as had VSK, it was an interesting line. What was more interesting was that I just took one quick look at VSK and we started to tell her. Unfortunately, she had to run off because her ride wanted to go, but it was pretty funny. And now I think I have a line I can use in the future with other couples who we might run into and who are flirtatous and appear to have a sense of humor. Because they can always say no, and I can always use this story to back off the situation if necessary.

No need to go into a long winded reprise of why we haven't posted. Too much work, too much travel, too much time not on our hands. Here's some pics from last night's photo shoot, our first in a while. Sorry for the reverse order on the pics. Blogger is sort of a pain at times


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back in the swing of things. ;-) I'll check by more often! --mnx

Pizza Boy said...

Love the photos!!!

Emma Kelly said...

Nice looking bum.


Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

Angel said...

Great photos. I hope to get braver as I move along on my blog. So new to this blog thing.