Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Holding pattern

So after another rather amusing weekend fooling around with "playmate," both VSK and I feel like we are sort of tired with trying to play with people who are hiding from themselves as much as they seem to be having fun. I mean I hold our friend in very high esteem for a lot of reasons, but one of them would not be the arrangement he has with his wife. While she "knows" of much of our behavior and condones and has even encouraged it, the lack of transparency is a buzz kill. I'm sure we'll spend many an evening playing around and enjoying it, but it gets to be sort of a lame dance at times. My lovely VSK makes it easy for her men, it would be nice if they reciprocated.

Men are a problem, no doubt, in the whole world of sex blogs and hot wives and whatever. I have noticed that many of my favorite bloggers have expressed some frustration with the fact that not enough women in these types of relationships participate in the creation and dialogue that takes place in this realm. This blog has the same problem to some extent. VSK likes the fact that she has found a bunch of rather interesting and nice folks to interact with, and knowing that you are not alone is central to setting yourself on a road less travelled. I hope that I can convince her that her participation in the blog is what floats my boat and makes this space more than just a free pornography portal. Not that there is anything wrong with that. In that vein I will include a masturbatory image of a fuzzy nature. I am in her debt no matter what I do.


Blissfully Wed said...

I could say the exact same words about our blog. My wife has a little time off from work and I hope that she finds the time to provide her input a bit more.

Be well.


(I love that shot.)

Plamate1 said...

Oh Well, since I can't seem to find myself (Damn I was just here a minute ago)and the dance has become "lame" I think the best thing to do for everyone is to stop playing.

It is a simple matter but you seemed to have figured out a deeper reason. I'll defer to your expertise. Buhhaaaa!

vsk witness said...

To be fair, the lameness is certainly not all playmate's doing. In fact this entry was generate as much by a long historical experience as any particular event. Some of the particular event recently have been amongst the best experiences we have ever had.