Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mammo Friday (public service announcement)

So tomorrow my breasts will be handled by someone I don't know. There will be some awkard moments, maybe some tension, definitely some repositioning. Yep, it is time for my annual mammogram! Oh joy, you say? Well, I do fall into a slightly higher risk category, so it is well worth the experience. It is interesting to me how each radology center handles the procedure.

My first time the technician gave me a pretty pink gown (preheated) and escorted me to a private changing area. I came back to the equipment room and she very gently placed one exposed breast on the radiology plate, leaving the other modestly covered, and explained what she was doing every step of the way, carefully covering the exposed breast before manipulating the other.

My second time was at a different place where the tech said you can remove your shirt and I said now, right here? She gave me a look that said "Well of course, where else?" So I unbuttoned my blouse, then removed my bra and laid them on a nearby chair. Then she looked at my chart, said "hmmm" and taped a little bb on my right breast at an area we are keeping a close watch. She indicated that I should place my right breast on the cold platform, then she tugged at me like I was a piece of meat (or taffy) until I was positioned just so! When we were done, she indicated that I could get dressed and she proceeded then to tell me about how I would be informed of the outcome, etc. I was a bit discombobulated and it wasn't until later that evening, as I was doing a little strip for my man, that I discovered that little taped on bb.

The next few times were more like the first, a loving atomosphere, pre-warmed gown and platform, gentle touch. Fortunately, each result letter has shown no area of concern (although I do have "dense" breasts that may make reading a little difficult). Tomorrow I am off to a new place. I would find it very interesting to have a male technician. Would he handle my breasts differently? We'll see. Pictures, anyone?

Most importantly, to every one, get a mammo, keep regular on your recommended follow-ups. Early detection of any problem is best, I know, I have a friend who was not as lucky as me, but lucky enough to be alive.

Love to all.


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Blissfully Wed said...

Best of health to you. An ounce of prevention...

And thanks so much for your very, very kind words at my blog. You made my night.