Thursday, August 28, 2008

HNT afterglow

Well I was gonna do a hnt facial, but the facial was more fun than the hnt. So here's something less, and maybe something more. Happy Thursday!


Pizza Boy said...

NICE!!!!!!! What a lovely shot, I am getting excited. You are such a tease.

An Artist Exposed said...

Reading your blog has been the perfect start to my day - but how am I ever going to concentrate on work now ;-)
You are simply gorgeous!

MACH 1 said...

Amazing pic of your amazing and pretty ass. I really love your blog and all its content, and you included.
Please more pics of your nice end lovely body.

bdenied said...

this works too. Great ass, very sexy look/

Ser Infiel said...

This is beyond sexy. . . =D Happy belated HNT!

Anonymous said...

Lovely ass. I just wanna bury my face in it.

Emma Kelly said...


Wonderful, Fabulous, Beautiful!


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