Sunday, February 1, 2009

By request

Minx liked this picture, although it looks a lot better on a cellphone than a computer screen. Seeing it live and in person is considerably better still. This all reminds me that the brain is a funny device, filling in reality with suppositions whenever it is starved for input. I think everybody has had those moments when they "saw" something only to find, on closer inspection, that what they thought was a stunning brunette was actually a skinny hippie boy wearing a ponytail. A quick glance can actually be more alluring that way.

Close inspection has its place. The shocking red haired bartender, female variety, serving VSK and I Friday night was such a perfect example of pulchritude and physionomic perfection that I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Lucky for me she had the personality of shitzu or I would have started fawning. I find myself scanning the faces of women more carefully these days, being in the position of having the Minx and the Kitten inspecting me rather carefully seems to have caught on in my day to day interactive activities. I am reining in my flippancy lest I talk myself into some sort of trouble with "the ladies." The two of them will occasionally gang up on me, and not only for my erotic entertainment.

But the sick part of it is, I like to get their goats. Nothing seems to get the Minx more enraged than some causal mention on my part of looking for a new feline to enjoy. She is protective toward VSK, and she might even enjoy watching someone besides me nail my wife, but should I mention I am having lunch with a friend, platonic variety even, her blood begins to boil. Selfishly I wouldn't mind living in a Big Love kind of environment, only one with some hot girl on girl activities, and have suggested mostly facetiously that the Minx and VSK should do the picking. Like that will ever happen. Of course, I never really believed that someone as easy to get along with as the Minx would come along nor could I have fathomed that VSK would have decided that the best way to handle her jealousy would be to embrace it, literally. I think it was Scott over at Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse that said something about turning your issues into turn-ons. That seems right to me, and it pretty much is the essence of most fetish fun. Its probably a larger truth that belongs in a different kind of blog as well. We Americans seem to do this to most things most of the time.

Writing this I wonder if contentment and passion are really two things that go well together. I can say I am content now, and yet when I get that brief glance of some other fine woman I get churned up. To "cool my jets" I find that thinking about having my two fine felines next to me, one under each arm their faces resting on my chest works pretty well. I mean, where would the third one go anyway?


Matt said...

OK, here's a question for you: While I have had just enough experience laying between two lovely naked women with them curled up on me to agree completely about how delicious that is, I'm wondering if you miss at all the eroticism of watching, or even helping, your wife being pleasured by another guy? It seems like you guys are engaged fairly full time now with the Minx, and I wonder if the topic of another guy is essentially off the table right now.
Of course, let's be fair here; a lot of guys would find your current situation to be an enviable one!

Pizza Boy said...

Like me!!!!!

vsk witness said...

The "other" man still exists in one form or another. Frankly, I do enjoy watching VSK with other men but part of the problem is that other men might not find my presence to be so "stimulating." I handed the camera off the other day to playmate and he took a couple of pics. Perhaps a technological solution is the best I can hope for. The act of watching, and better yet, sharing is one of my favorite scenarios, but it has been a rare night indeed that such fun went forward without some sort of snafu. Fun snafus, but snafus all the same.

Matt said...

I know what you mean about snafus; it does seem that it's pretty rare that things just work out without complications.
The reason I asked about the "other guy" scenario is that just recently Brenda ended up servicing both me and another guy at the same time; we had never done this before, and it got her (and therefore, me) unbelievably hot. (I'm so far behind on posts it will be months before I post about it!)
So I was wondering if Kitten is still interested in this kind of thing now that the Minx is close to you guys. Ah well, much to be thankful for in any case!

bdenied said...

great photo and Matt asks a good question too, well answered by you

vsk witness said...

Oh yes, I am still interested being the stuffing in a man cookie! Early on when Witness and I had just started dabbling in this alternate universe, I had the pleasure of enjoying the attention of my Witness and a special friend and the satisfaction of servicing both of them at once leading to pretty damn near silmutaneous orgasms for all three of us. It was comfortable and exciting and it is a pity that that special friend can't play with us anymore.