Thursday, February 12, 2009

HNT: Vegas Baby

The Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas has these cool little mirrors over the beds, which are canted slightly downward, to afford some nice views presumably. Lovely effect don't you think?

We are definitely going back. The place is not too big, the music makes it feel like home to me and the food (at least at AGO the Italian restaurant) is terrific. VSK is still laughing about the two guys in who she started flirting with next to playmate and me. They couldn't tell she was with us so as I come around the slot machine one guy is kissing her belly. She says, "oh there's my husband." Guy almost got whiplash. We spent a fair amount of time watching the dancers who, while clothed in chaps and bikinis, were amazing hot.

Eagles of Death Metal was great, btw. Got to meet frontman Jesse Sunday, just bumped into him while leaving. Great frigging weekend!


Get8More said...

Sexy pic and sexy post!

Southern Sage said...

looks and sounds like fun for sure!

Excellent pics throughout.