Friday, February 6, 2009

Dancing for the boys . . .


Witness, Playmate and I had a bit of fun recently. After watching some basketball at a local brewery, we returned to our house and no one was home. We had a round of drinks in the front room. The boys wanted some entertainment, so I put on my high heels and gave a little modeling show. First I came out in my naughty skimpy dress(1), which was well received, and then I pranced around in some of my little negligees(2,3). Witness put on some music that he knew would encourage me to dance. Where is a stripper pole when I need one? I used the doorway to steady myself as I did a bump and grind, and generally dirty danced for the two. Then I moved in on Playmate to deliver a bit of a lap dance. Knowing that Witness was seated across from the action watching, seeing the excitement rise in Playmate and being able to view my reflection in the window behind him really got me going. I would move in oh so close and each time he tried to touch me, I would dance away to just outside his reach. He had the audacity to call me a tease! Eventually I allowed Playmate to remove my barely there panties. He was in full need to be relieved of his pants by then, so I assisted. And then I took his cock in my mouth, making sure that Witness had a good view of my ass and of what I was doing to Playmate. Mmmm, it was all so fun. The temperature definitely rose in the room. Unfortunately, we heard a car and one of the kids came home. Playmate and I retired (hid) in the guest room and Witness ran interference. Poor Witness didn't get to watch the grand finale. It was delicious!



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Get8More said...

Wow! Call you Incredibly Sexy Vanilla Sex Kitten.