Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Baby Steps

The playmate that VSK has been practicing her oral skills on lately has been a friend of mine for well over two decades. The funny thing is since the two of them have known each other for such a long time, its damn interesting that it wasn’t until we started fooling around with playmate and his wife that the relationship between VSK and he that the two of them started showing each other a proper respect. Over the years playmate has said things to VSK that left her steaming and sardonically predisposed to dismiss his presence. As she and I have took small steps with the two of them physically (and keep in mind that his wife has no interest in me sexually) their relationship warmed. I’ve had to step in and communicate for the two of them at times in order for things to keep moving forward but they have grown a hell of a lot more comfortable with each other and as they have the respect they have for each other has grown as well. This is nice for me in that I don’t have to hear their complaints about the other’s behavior any more.

The evolution of sexual behavior between the two would require more like a chapter in a book than a blog entry. After dancing around the boundaries several times with the two of them over a couple of years, one evening we managed to engineer an evening alone with them and after some drinks and fooling around in the Jacuzzi we crossed over. Left alone with the two of them for a minute as I went for refills, I came back and found VSK eagerly mouthing my friend, which through the encouragement of his wife had given him license to explore his fantasies. She still had some pretty strong feelings about him screwing VSK and so this step was as far as it went that evening. And as she clarified her intentions toward me I drifted a small step toward realizing that for me I found the process whereby VSK fulfilled her sensuality and I participated or watched or even just heard about later to be plenty enough to add that heady frisson I craved to our intimacy. And so it has gone for a while now even as we take further steps down the road less traveled.

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Emma Kelly said...


Just discovered your blog and feel simpatico.

Em gives my best friend blowjobs every Wednesday and are talking about anal sex a lot.

They see each other at work and Em wants to bend over a desk after hours and let him have a go at her.

He doesn't know that I know and his wife doesn't know at all. Kinky game.


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