Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A History of VSK

It would be nearly impossible to write down all that transpired between myself and VSK in the last 11 years since we openly began entertaining the idea of having sex with other people. In retrospect we both should be able to see that within the dynamic of our relationship there has always been a kernel of wanderlust. VSK attracts men because of her voluptuous body, blond mane and most importantly her warm joyful personality. She is a hands-on person. She changed the culture on my family in terms of being more open and willing to express emotions which greatly benefited my parents if not my siblings and their children as well. The first time she brushed against me, a move she engineered, I became dizzy. I was too daft and self-centered to realize what had happened but I figured it out eventually and my admiration for her is boundless. But all between us has not been easy or effortless. Passion leads to frisson and sparks fly.

When she went on that fateful business trip 11 years ago, she and I were in conflict and I was in full-self-centered regalia. I had recently recovered from a bout of solipsistic depression, and her needs had been stomped on by my emotional conceits. And I knew this at some basic level. She went out drinking after meetings and a genuinely nice fellow (that’s how I like to see it anyway) seduced her. He could see she needed to be flattered and he couldn’t miss the erotic need. She was too drunk and too guilt-ridden to really “go all the way.” They ended up naked in the hotel pool, a farcical under water bj leading to Jimmy pinning her against the side of the pool and sliding his cocktip in only for her to recover her matrimonial morality before he could drive it to the hilt and force her surrender. We had more fun in the days and months that followed, “arguing” about how far he had managed to penetrate her, than we had in the previous year’s diary of fucking. We were on our way yet what we both wanted or feared was opaque and confusing. Our intimacy was on the mend.

My reaction to her “infidelity” was surprising to me. The warmth I had felt at her first touch of my skin returned as a burning fire at my core. I saw her again as a separate being, one that was stunningly beautiful and comely. I obsessed about bringing others into our bed and blindly stumbled and fumbled my way forward as I pushed her to explore. Some of it went well, and some of it was almost comically disastrous. VSK took it all in with aplomb and philosophically handled the failures to connect as par for the course. A woman I worked with and her husband desired many of the same things and while she and I couldn’t cross over our own convoluted history and massive egos, VSK and her husband were clearly agog over each other physically. After some rather mixed early results his wife cleared him to play with just VSK and myself and we had one amazing night together, culminating with me coming in her from behind as he unloaded in her upturned lips. This was stunt-fucking. And given the time to do it without guilt or subterfuge, and with a sexy funny partner, VSK had a blast. The evening did not repeat as the wife eventually changed the rules to their games. And I wonder if she felt some threat from VSK as her husband’s lust was clear and apparent and consuming. Fair enough I figured.

Finding a playmate has been the central nut to crack, and as I have learned more about myself I have just learned not to push at all and to simply let VSK lead. Moreover, my ability to reassure her and protect her virtue in the midst of having her fuck her brains out is central to making things a go. She has explored with an old friend who had always wanted her and again his wife cannot countenance their screwing. He has wisely not sought to go around her nor would VSK tolerate such deceit. He loves her but he loves his wife more. It was he that named her Vanilla Sex Kitten. What makes him a champ is that his vulnerability allows him to be pleasured. A man that comes for VSK is what she wants. She is the embodiment of “it is better to give than receive.” And if I give, she gives, which is an interesting combination to say the least.

Our most recent consistent playmate is again the husband of a woman who has no desire for me. She knows VSK well and does not consider her a threat and has essentially given her man the space to explore with VSK. For his part he has gone from wanting simply to dominate VSK to admitting he can be moved by her. She is a woman that many men must fantasize as a woman to dominate and subjugate, at least sexually. Men who get off on the S side of things see her M and salivate. If they are willing to make it a game then it can work. She likes force as it frees her from the ethics entailed in the initiation to sex. This is a trigger rather than an illusion for her. She knows she likes to have sex with different people and she likes to be the spectacle she most certainly is. That is the aspect of her personality that is so compelling. She doesn’t mind being an object of desire. She has a healthy view of sexuality, something rare and fine in Puritanical America.

Playmate of the moment’s ability to be both forceful and open has made his desire something fresh for VSK and has made them both much better friends. She understands that his coming for her is a bit of a risk for him. Her gratefulness and ability to come without him even touching her as she rubs his cock across her face in a synecdoche on the dominance that he enjoys over her is touching in its honesty and sensuality. He fears his wife will cut him off perhaps, so he leaves quickly after coming, which is a shame to VSK as she would like him to fuck her afterwards so she can bask in the full afterglow of her sex. She comes hard when he fucks her and if he could learn to surrender as he fucks her as well as he can when she blows him she would appreciate it. No hurry. Learning more about her self, my self, his self provides the three of us with hours of pleasant times together. And the future offers us more.


Blissfully Wed said...

Beautifully and lovingly written. Thanks for sharing.


MikeCindynJoe said...

I missed this post previously but I'm very glad I came upon it.

Very honest and heartfelt. I liked it very much. Please continue to post and I will continue to read.