Thursday, May 24, 2007


I suppose this is a rookie mistake but I sure wish folks who visit, and there have been a heck of a lot by my way of thinking, might drop a comment or two off if they want to help the process of what appears on CMVSK. VSK herself has begun to show a real interest in creating and providing content. Thing of it is she has always been an exhibitionist underneath and she figures if your given the blond bombshell visage to deal with then you might as well buy the ticket and take the ride. She dragged me out to the garage last night for an impromptu photo session. The results were mixed but worthy. If HNT interests her this much then lets hope my suggestion of fellatio Fridays takes root. Let’s hope she takes my root that is.

As for the visitors, all of you, thanks. If you’re just lurking looking for some new inspiration, cool. But if your one of the small but growing community of folks who have entered into this type of experimentation with fun time, it would hot if we could get an insight or two fired over at us. Suggestions will be considered if they are considerate. Knowing you’re a freak is one thing, being alone is another. Me, I let my freak flag fly. VSK too.

FYI the red mark on the left breast is from the ice pack VSK was wearing as we watched "Lost" last night. How she hurt herself is actually beyond my comprehension. Suffice is to say is that she'll continue to ignore my admonishments to go to the doc until she can't take the pain and suffering anymore.


Blissfully Wed said...

No advice needed as far as I can see. The photo is absolutely sexy as hell.

Happy HNT!


Peggy said...

Beautiful photo! I think you're off to an amazing start!!

Hank said...


great pic
very sexy

vsk witness said...

Thanks for the supportive comments! This has been a fun venture, something that I really look forward to looking at and adding to.