Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So U O when you blow?

This is the text message VSK Witness sends me while he is heading up north to visit his dad. He and Playmate were going on a little trip to take dad out on a fishing excursion. Wow, I thought, Playmate actually talked about the other night!

Hmm, the other night. Well, the children were out and about, meaning away from the house. Playmate and Witness had returned to our house after picking up a delivery of fish from the airport. They are both fish hobbyists; the fish being tropical and kept at our house (he is only allowed one tank at his house) in the fish room (over 20 tanks) set up in half the garage. After putting the fish in their new homes, Witness convienently left to pick up one child (and friends) from an event. So, gee, that left Playmate and me all alone, unchaperoned! Whatever would we do? So off to the fellatio, I mean fish, room we went. After some initial hemming and hawing, talking about fish and what not, Playmate made a positive remark about the events on game day. He really enjoyed the blow job, really. I smiled demurely (or lustfully, perhaps) and asked if he would like a repeat. In response he dropped his pants and sat down on a conveniently placed chair (hmm, wonder why that was there). I took off my blouse to reveal my sexy bra and then wiggled out of my pants. He asked why I was getting undressed and I said I was just getting comfortable. He was rigid and ready. I lowered myself to my knees and rubbed his cock in my cleavage. I once had a male coworker ask about the attraction for a women to make a man come by rubbing him between her breasts--I told him to just imagine the view! But I digress. After some moments of this delightful activity, I took him in my mouth and eagerly started with the whole sucking, licking, face-rubbing action, and the more I did it the more excited I became. Kneeling there on the hard garage floor, surrounded by the fish tanks, clad only in bra and panties, encased between his legs, wow! I recognized the slope I was climbing, my breathing became quite ragged, my heart raced, I just let my body take over and I orgasmed! I kind of chuckled and took a moment to catch my breath and he asked what was so amusing. "I just came," I told him. "Really?" he asked. I just looked up at him and smiled then resumed pleasuring him until he had his own orgasm, yea! I eased my body back, the cold cement floor against my bare skin felt delicious.

So on their little drive he told Witness "Your wife is a freak." "How so?" Witness queries. So Playmate related how I came without even being touched. "Yeah, she does that."

I O when I blow, I O when I drive, I can even O in a conference room, but I have to be careful there! Mind over matter and a terrific imagination!

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