Friday, May 4, 2007

The Wife Writes!!

Today is Naked Friday (saw it on the Internet-so it must be true) and in keeping with that I decided to do naked housecleaning. Yup, carried the laundry down and got it sorted and started the machines, picked up the house (well, picked up the stuff everyone thinks is okay to leave lay wherever), started on the downstairs bathroom--all bareassed nekkid (maybe I'll add a picture when I learn how). Then decided I had better try my hand at writing something for our new (and my only) blogsite (is that what it is called?). It will make my husband happy and that is what makes me happy.

I wanted to get an idea of what people write on these things so I started by looking at some of the sites hubby has linked on the page. Of course I got distracted and had to take an electronic-pleasuring break, but I'm back now, sitting on a towel (don't want to besmirch the leather chair and possibly face embarrasing questions from the children), trying to figure out what to write.

Yes, yes, I'll write about Monday night! As my dear husband, VSK Witness, has mentioned we have a friend we play with every now and then, so I'll call him Playmate. Well, Playmate had a couple of tickets to the ball game and Witness couldn't go. Playmate's wife has no (like zero) interest in watching ball games, so I got to go! We were watching the game and our team wasn't doing so well. Playmate says, "If they lose you know what you have to do." So I grinned at him and said "Yeah, and if they win, you know what you have to do!" Well, they lost. We left the ballpark and Playmate drove me to the building where my car was parked in the underground garage. We had to go through the building (requires a secruity card), wave at the guard, and take the elevator to the garage. Playmate sat in the front seat, passenger side and I was in the driver's seat getting ready to take him up to his car. Playmate said, "Time to pay up!" I suggested a raincheck (it was late after all), and in response he lowered his pants and I could see he was well on his way to full erection. And that made me excited. So I scooted my seat back, knelt on the floor in the foot well, leaned over the center divide and bent over his cock. He has a very wide cock (I can't encircle it with one hand). And I have learned that trying to do a traditional cock-fully-in-the-mouth BJ can be tiring and trying with him, so I mix it up with some face rubbing, licking and nibbling all along his shaft. The face rubbing seems to really get him going (just learned this the other night in the spa), and he came really hard, like can't-catch-my-breath hard! And that made me happy, especially when I thought about telling Witness and how happy that would make him, and then I could be happy some more (as well as get fucked which would further add to my happiness factor).

Funny part: after a few moments of recovery, I discovered that I was stuck--steering wheel in the back, legs in awkard position-loss of feeling, no real leverage point stuck! I looked up at Playmate and said, "Call 911 I'm stuck!" And we just busted up laughing.


vsk witness said...

Second funny part: Playmate doesn't ever talk about our sexcapades, he doesn't say anything to my husband (who has been present at all other encounters). Nothing like "Whoa, your wife really blew me away the other night" or "Hey, I really liked . . ." nada. We find it amusing. VSK

Blissfully Wed said...

Great post. Sexy and funny.

It's the kind of writing I hope that we do more of on ours.


The Lusty Texan said...

Nice story!